Mortal Kombat vs WWE

Mortal Kombat vs WWE
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Mortal Kombat vs WWE has brought back several features from the past versions of the two franchises. There are many fighters with their attires being from the past while other many with the attires being from the present. For example, in MK, Sub Zero's attire takes us back to MK3, where he was unmasked. Whereas Johnny Cage's attire is a mixture of the one in Mortal Kombat 2011 along with Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon tights. Same goes with the WWE side, where Randy Orton's attire is of 2011 and Undertaker's attire is of the early WWF Attitude's Ministry Taker.

Kreate a Fighter feature
The CAW feature has been re-modded and Revived. You can now create several CAWs that you want to. Including the Characters that are not in the original roster, like Baraka, or Eddie Guerrero. Along with Mortal Kombat and WWE CAWs, there are other characters who can be created but are from other franchises, like Ryu (Street Fighter), Goku (DBZ), Tommy Vercetti (GTA:Vice City) and Carl Johnson (GTA San Andreas). Quite surprizingly, there are more features in the CAW: Creating CAWs that are not even on the list!. Thats right, if you want to create Wolverine or Joker, go ahead, there are features available for you to make several other CAWs and make them fight each other or go against the real roster.

Sound Effects and Music
The WWE RAW sound effects are still remembered. They were used in recent WWE Patches like Ultimate Impact, Impact v2 and Impact v3 By Wiggo. (There are other patches like Wrestling Unleashed, TNA !mpact and ECW Hardcore Revolution which were made by TiN and Aditza, also used the original sound effects). But like in WWE Total Edition Patch, The sound effects have been revived. There are more Mortal Kombat 3/4 sound effects. The music has also been revived, each menu has Mortal Kombat music from MK3/4 or beyond that. (Main menu has The MK theme, heard on movies) Many WWE Superstars do not have their original music heard in original. But there are several WWE Albums produced with their music being either remixed or re created. Those have been used at a small range.

The Arena
The Arena takes us back to the times when Shao Kahn had invaded the Earthrealm. He destroyed everything that came on his way. The Bridge, Rooftop, Streets which were in MK3/UMK3/MKT can be seen destroyed. Same concept have been used in the arena here. Shao Kahn's fort stands at the right hand corner of the arena and is shown in a far perspective. However at the right, there is the Pyramid of Argus, which made debut in Mortal Kombat Armageddon. It is a bit mysterious why The Pyramid has been added. As for the destruction, there is the destroyed WWE RAW arena. The Floor has been textured to be a floor of molten lava. The Ramp is a redemption of what the street has become, destroyed and about to melt in lava.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The patch has been 90 percent done, i.e. all the fighters have been modded with textures. The Character Header (Charhead.dat) file has also been edited along with the finishing menuvers. Special thanks to Aditza, who accompanied along with OSR in making the WWE Superstar/Diva's attires. PsychoGirl all by herself made the Mortal Kombat fighters except Reptile , which was made by TiN. OSR entirely offered encouragement towards the patch since it was a different thing from the other patches, i.e. it was not TOTALLY based on WWE. It was not totally based on Mortal Kombat (A Similar thing happened with Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game). Other patches like WWE Impact/TOtal Edition etc, are based on WWE Totally. Other than MK and WWE, In Kreate A Kharacter mode, players can make the other remaining MK and WWE Fighters. The items have also been updated. The Chairs have been retextured. Along with announcer tables, Japanese hat, etc etc. Most of the items can also be found on WWEShop. The Superstar Pictures and some of the stuffs/textures in the game have been set to Hi Res. The arena is yet to be made, though the stage is done.

This has been released. The only things which are not included in the release are: Fighter's entrance theme, Fighter's movie, movesets (70 percent updated), Entrance mods (70 percent updated) and Bio Kards.

The Roster

Mortal Kombat vs. WWE for PC has been constructed with an unique roster, featuring all of the main patronizers from both sides and most of them to be able to create in Kreate-A-Kharacter mode.

Modding Team:
PsychoGirl (PG), Aditza, TiN, PaulLondon619 and UltimateWarrior
Support: THe Entire OSR Community
000 - The Rock
001 - Liu Kang
002 - Mileena
003 - The Undertaker
004 - Kane
005 - Kung Lao
006 - Raiden
007 - Cyrax
008 - Kai
009 - The Miz
010 - John Cena
011 - Shao Kahn
012 - HBK
013 - HHH
014 - Sektor
015 - Noob Saibot
016 - Randy Orton
017 - Nightwolf
018 - John Morrison
019 - Smoke
020 - Sub Zero
021 - Ermac
022 - Johnny Cage
023 - Scorpion
024 - Molly Holly
025 - Torrie Wilson
026 - Rey Mysterio
027 - Chris Jericho
028 - Reptile
029 - Shinnok
030 - Quan Chi
031 - CM Punk
032 - Jaxon Briggs
033 - Stacy Keibler
034 - Edge
035 - Bret Hart
036 - Sonya Blade
037 - Christian
038 - Trish Stratus
039 - Big Show
040 - Kitana
041 - Shang Tsung
042 - Chris Benoit
043 - Jeff Hardy
044 - Rob Van Dam
045 - Matt Hardy
046 - Booker T

XXX - Rated-RKO